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“Because of their small size, a homesteader can raise several dozen quail (including meat) with virtually no disruption to neighbors.  They are not noisy, do not escape their pens, and are not smelly.  There are virtually no significant management concerns associated with backyard quail flock that is kept confined.”

University of Oregon School of Law

“Highly efficient and productive, Japanese quail produce nutritious eggs that are a unique alternative to chicken eggs.  Widely consumed in East and Southeast Asia, Brazil and to a lesser extent in Europe, the market in North America is underdeveloped.  Therefore, marketing strategies to promote quail eggs as a high-quality source of nutrients for the consuming public need to be enhanced.

Egg Innovations & Strategies – Academic Press / Elsevier

Quail have outstanding potential for village and “backyard” production as well. It is this aspect that deserves greater attention. … They are robust, disease resistant, and easy to keep, requiring only simple cages and equipment and little space.

It is said that about 20 of them are sufficient to keep an average family in eggs year-round.

MicroLivestock – National Research Council – National Academy Press. 1991

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Quail Tractor concept

We were happy to start early this morning on the quail Tractor. The idea is to position the tractor or quail pen over the garden beds. The quail drop their ‘hot’ droppings into the beds where they ‘burn’ the weed seeds in the surface of the soil, and maybe slightly deeper. Sign up for ourContinue reading “Quail Tractor concept”

Quail Eggs = food Diversity

Quail Eggs = Food Diversity

With Quick Quail, you will avoid the corn, soy, and GMOs that are at the heart of almost all other eggs and animal protein sources on the market. It may also reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions to eggs.

Quail Eggs: The perfect food for kids

Quail Eggs: The Perfect Food for Kids

Mothers of babies just starting on solid foods are often encouraged to give them eggs, and for good reason. The chicken egg is a nutritional powerhouse. By several measures, quail eggs are even better.

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