Quail Eggs = Food Diversity

Quail Eggs = food Diversity

You’re Eating Corn – Even When You’re Not

Did you know that over half the typical American’s diet is ultimately derived from corn? I first gained an inkling of this from Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. But even though I’ve been paying attention to this issue ever since, the list here of products derived from corn amazed me. Most of those additives are generally encountered in small quantities. 

However, most Americans consume corn in far larger quantities in another, indirect way. Remember that expression: “You are what you eat”? In terms of health, this is absolutely true. Except that you can go another layer deeper: “You are what you eat, eats,” as in, if you eat meat from animals that ate corn, you are also consuming that corn. 

Michael Pollan elaborated on this concept in his book. On his behalf, a lab analyzed multiple foods and determined that corn was the basis of his McDonald’s hamburger – as well as the salad dressing, French fry oil, and more. Remember that cows are supposed to eat grass, not corn, so finding that beef is essentially corn-based is highly problematic. 

Today 92% of corn grown in the United States is genetically modified (GMO), and the majority of it is used to feed livestock.

Ditto Soy

Soy is also almost exclusively GMO, at 94% of the US crop. And almost all livestock – especially cattle, pigs, and chickens – are fed diets mainly of corn and soybeans. 

This means that if you eat beef, pork, chicken or eggs, you are almost certainly eating corn and soy. And if your food is not organic, you are consuming GMO versions of those. 

In other words, our diets tend not to be very diverse, and they may be less nutritious than we think. Animal products are corn- and soy-based, while almost all processed foods contain added (and often harmful) corn and/or soy-derived ingredients.

And Then There’s This…

Furthermore, contrary to industry claims, GMO crops use more herbicides and pesticides than non-GMO varieties. If you aren’t eating 100% organic (and how many of us can manage that?), you are consuming trace levels of herbicides and pesticides on a regular basis anyway. If you are eating GMO-fed meat and eggs, you can assume you are ingesting even higher levels of -cides, so unfortunately, our exposure to these toxins is significant. 

Unless ….   

Quick Quail Austin has one solution to this problem. Our laying quail eat premium feed that is completely corn- and soy-free, as well as being non-GMO. One of the main protein sources in this feed is milo, a type of sorghum common throughout Africa. 

With a subscription to Quick Quail Austin, you get cute little egg-layers for your own backyard and ultra-fresh eggs for breakfast or a healthy school snack any day of the week! 

Quick Quail Austin enables you to avoid the corn, soy, and GMOs that form the basis of almost all other eggs and animal protein sources on the market. Avoiding corn, soy and GMOs may also reduce egg allergies. Try Quick Quail Austin today!

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