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Summer Update 2021

We have just completed USDA grant season which was extended this year for new programs to make stronger food systems. We have submitted grant requests for approx. $1.5 million between our own projects and those of our customers. Sign up for our newsletter where we will announce project awards relevant to Quick Quail. Lots of exciting things to share if they win their respective awards.

We are gearing up for the Fall installation season. We have been working hard on our production systems so that we can ensure a steady supply of mature quail hens for our customers. We have tried out some different approaches to the transition stress for the hens. We are moving forward with supplying the most mature hens that are already proven egg layers.

Pickled Quail Eggs are a hit at the markets and we are ramping up those sales.

The subscription program is getting great responses, but the summer season is not the time to start producing quail eggs. This is not for reasons of the quail, but the homeowners. We will be rebuilding our customer’s journey over the coming days to reflect this new learning.

Watching quail eggs hatch is addictive. We are working hard on scaling this opportunity. It requires all new equipment, sensors, cameras etc. It also requires us to be more accurate about when the eggs will hatch, and that requires repetitions. We are now up to 4 hatches (each a separate hatcher), per week. More details coming to those on our newsletter list.

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