My name is Patrick Van Haren, and I want to be your egg supplier.

As a lifelong farmer and agriculture innovator, I have been looking for a smart way to help build Austin’s food independence ever since moving here in 2004. Quick Quail (QQ) is it!

Quick Quail employs a system of distributed production I pioneered over 30 years ago in Canada and Europe. We are thrilled to be able to adapt this model to quail and the Austin market.

Distributed production drives down the cost of quail eggs so they can now provide you with superior nutrition, greater convenience, and increased food security. This means that you keep the quail at your site and enjoy daily egg production in exchange for a modest monthly subscription fee.

Freshly laid eggs for breakfast every day!

Click on my calendar below for a quick 15-minute chat, at a time convenient to you, and we can discuss.

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