Summer Update 2021

We have just completed USDA grant season which was extended this year for new programs to make stronger food systems. We have submitted grant requests for approx. $1.5 million between our own projects and those of our customers. Sign up for our newsletter where we will announce project awards relevant to Quick Quail. Lots ofContinue reading “Summer Update 2021”

Pickled Quail Eggs

Can your recall the taste of the sweet and tangy pickled quail eggs? They have long been a favorite of immigrant families, particularly the Germans. Quick Quail is now offering the following flavors of Pickled Quail Eggs for sale at Austin Farmer’s market locations at $15/pint: Cajun Spicy Mild These eggs have been prepared inContinue reading “Pickled Quail Eggs”

How much do quail eggs cost?

If your grocery store sells quail eggs, they are likely located near the delicacies, like foie gras and pate. On a recent visit, we found them priced at $0.79 per egg. That’s $9.48 per dozen. It might be worth it for the convenience; but compare that price to the farmer’s market price of $6/dozen, orContinue reading “How much do quail eggs cost?”