Double Decker Pen


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Check out the new ‘Double Decker Pen’.  Available for pickup at farmer’s markets or our location.


  • Integrated rope light for supplemental lighting, provides a very warm feeling when viewing the pen from the house.  The on-off timer included turns on automatically at dusk and continues for 2, 4, or 6 hours to provide the hens with the required 16 hrs per day of lighting.
  • An integrated watering system that can attach to your water hose, includes a daily timer and float valve so that you are sure to have water replenished automatically each day.
  • Egg tray cover and locks to prevent predator access to the eggs or hens.  All of the access points to the hens are locked.
  • Entertainments for the hens include a ladder to the second floor, a critical dust bath, and additional shelter/perch.
  • The unit as seen measures 40″ wide by 28″ deep.   Tin roof can be adapted for different sizes of water tanks.  We can discuss after your order is placed along with several other small customizations for your location.
  • Includes pressure-treated lumber legs that enable the pen to be used in gardens, where the bird droppings can fertilize your soil.

Excludes delivery and Installation.  Please call for arrangements.


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