Monthly Egg Subscription




Enjoy a constant and secure supply of about 60 quail eggs per week.

Your monthly subscription is for 4 weeks at $6/week or $24 per month.  However, we charge just 12 times/year while there are thirteen 4 week periods each year, thus passing on the savings to you, a savings of $24.

Order Instructions:  Please select the quantity of subscriptions you would like, and proceed to the bottom of the page where the PayPal subscription link appears.  We can provide you with 3 payment options:

  1. Paypal Subscribe – Monthly payments are deducted from your Paypal Account.
  2. Paypal Credit Subscribe – Monthly payments are made using your Paypal Credit
  3. Credit Card – Monthly payments are made using your preferred Credit Card and handled via Paypal.

As the quail hens near their natural end of life, we will contact you with options to replace your hens with a new group and to continue producing nutritious, efficient, and affordable quail eggs for your family.

We reserve the right to limit subscriptions to the zip codes beginning with 787xx-789xx.  With each subscription, please order 1 pen and 1 feed.

Quail Eggs
Quail Eggs


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