Quail Power!

Harness the power of Quail to improve your nutrition, garden soil and home economics.

  • Nutrition – Quail Eggs are 25% more nutritious and with a higher yolk-to-white ratio
  • Garden soil – Quail Power compost will supercharge your soil
  • Home economics – Our unique subscription program saves you money


Quail eggs are a highly nutrient-dense food. With more Vitamin A and iron, and superior HDL:LDL cholesterol ratios, Quail eggs are ready replacement for industrial chicken eggs. Since quail are different genetically from chickens (they are gamebirds, not poultry), people also have less likely to have health issues such as stomach illnesses that can correlate to poultry based egg-white vaccines, or GMO feeds such as corn or soybeans. All of our quail hens are feed a diet of non-GMO, non-Soy, and non-Corn rations.

Quick Quail is rapidly increasing the availability of lower priced quail eggs in the Austin area. Buy your quail eggs at any of our farmer’s market locations for jsut $6/doz instead of $9/doz at the premium grocery outlets.


Quail are some of the fastest growing birds to be found. Visit us at the farmer’s markets and you can see how they grow from an egg, to a baby chick, to a hen, and then start laying eggs within 10 weeks of age. When comparing to chickens, quail are clearly the first to market! Further quail eggs are approximately 5% of a quail hen’s body weight, and they lay eggs 6 out of 7 days on average. That is serious metabolism.

Now imagine what their droppings would be like for nitrogen content. Quick Quail producers are quick to capture the droppings with saw dust pellets in trays underneath the quail pens. We then collect the droppings every 2-3 days to compost. The temperatures get upto 160F within 36 hrs, another indication of the power of quail droppings compost, or as we like to say Quail Power.

Subscription Program

The Quail power subscription program or Quail Eggs as a Service (QEaaS) brings Quail Power to your backyard for a fraction of the price of our farmer’s market pricing for eggs + compost. Improve your garden soil, your nutrition and your food security with one program with Austin’s newest innovation in micro-livestock. Do you want to compare Quail vs. Chickens? Check out our latest blog on the issue.

Act now, and in just two simple steps we will be planning for delivery to your residence.

  1. Reserve your choice of quail pen.
  2. Add your choice of subscription.

There are 2 components to your monthly subscription: Quail Eggs ($24/month) + Premium Quail Feed ($11/month)


All payments are handled by Paypal

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